Don't waste me
Tiny means BIG electrical savings!


As a Tiny "One Man Shop" you can be assured that you will always have a Colorado licensed, legally insured Master Electrician performing your work. Plus, we offer rates that no "typical" shop can match.

We offer a 10% Discount to any new customers. We will also offer a 10% referral discount to you for any new customers you refer. The money can go to you or be deducted from the service bill. I recently learned one of the larger electric shops in Montrose charges $190 per hour for a simple journeyman and $120 for an apprentice.

We proudly serve the Montrose and occasionally the Delta County area.  Our unparalleled service, tiny prices, and overall value are why our customers keep returning.  We look forward to showing you how Tiny Electric can save you BIG Money.

LABOR RATES  (we have 4 basic rates) All (now 20% off with immediate cash payment) qualify for discount.
1. Regular $50/hr. Scheduled and ongoing projects.
2. Service $70/hr. $60 minimum. Normal business hours, same day.
3. Emergency $90/hr. $100 minimum. After hours, weekends, same day.
4. Consultation $40/hr. Design/Plan for homeowner projects.

Labor hours calculated to nearest 1/10 hour from arrival or appointment time through clean-up. Lunch excluded.

Travel adjustment. $0.50/mi and $10/hr. one way from Montrose for each required trip. Calculated by Internet mapping site from "Montrose, CO" to work site minus 5 miles and 0.1 hour.

Material used on job will be provided at a competitive rate in line with "MSRP". My material charge to you is likely less than you would pay at the "helpful hardware" place. (We are happy to use your material if suitable and available)

"Competitive Bid" will be estimated at $70/hr. and end cost will not be reduced to reflect timesaving or the above regular labor rate.

We offer a discount of 10% off the labor portion of your bill if paid in full on the same day as service. Cash is required for this discount. Jobs lasting more than one day qualify with a 50% deposit and settle weekly or on the day of completion.

Amounts due beyond 30 days will incur a 10% penalty per month and be turned over to a "ruthless" collection agency. Returned (NSF) checks will be subject to $20 "fine" plus our banking costs and loss of any discount.